Participant Notes

Packet Pick-up Times

Friday, July 7th at Lakewood City Hall, 1st floor.
Packet Pick-up Time: 8:30am to 5:30pm

You must be present and show your picture ID in order to pick up your race packet!


Saturday, July 8th

Racers who haven’t already should check in at Fort Steilacoom Park and pick up their race packet between 6:30 – 8:30 am. 

Because this triathlon uses a different start location than the finish, you will need to manage your time to set up your transition areas. If you wait until Saturday morning to check in, you will be EXTREMELY pressed for time to get all of your transition areas staged. Plan ahead and give yourself time to move about! There is very limited parking at American Lake, so we encourage everyone to park at Fort Steilacoom Park on Saturday and take the shuttle to the start. There will be NO BIKES allowed on the shuttle buses. You must have checked in and picked up your race packet in order to drop your bike off at American Lake Park. You must have your transition areas already set up to use the shuttle.

On Saturday morning racers should:

1). Assuming you have already checked in on or before Saturday…racers should drive themselves to the American Lake Park start point. Set up your bike and Transition 1 (T1) gear in the secured bike area.  Volunteers will be there doing body marking. Only athletes will be allowed out of their cars in this area. You will be provided a white plastic bag with your name on it at registration for storing your T1 gear.  T1 race bags will be transported to the finish line for pick up after the race.

2). Drive yourself to Fort Steilacoom Park to set up for Transition 2 (T2). Stage your running shoes and be ready for the transition off the bike.

3). Leave your car at Fort Steilacoom Park and ride the bus shuttle back to the start line. There will be NO BIKES allowed on the shuttle buses.

4). After you finish the race, you can collect your bike and gear from the T2 area (including your bag from T1 that will be transported to Fort Steilacoom Park by race officials).  

Saturday Morning Racers Schedule

6:30am – 8:30am: T1 and T2 areas open for gear staging. Only racers with body numbers and wrist bands may enter the transition areas for staging their own gear. No exceptions.

6:30am – 8:30am: Shuttle bus running.

8:30am: Racer pre-race briefing and Racer Count-In. (each racer crosses the timing mat to activate timing chip).

8:50am: Open Water Warm Up.

9:00am: RACE START

Relay Teams

Race Day – Each Relay Team member will have their own individual timing chip worn around their ankle. Each one of those chips have the same Relay Team Race Number attached to them. Relay team members do not cross timing mats until their part of the race.

Swimming Team Member will cross the timing mat before the race starts to activate their teams timing chips, then they will proceed to complete the swim portion of the race and cross the timing mat when exiting the water to get an official swim time, then proceed to the Swim-Bike transition (T1) to make a physical tag “High Five” with the Biking Team Member. When the Swimming Team Member is finished, be sure NOT TO CROSS TIMING MATS for the rest of the race.

Biking Team Member will be inside Swim-Bike Transition (T1) WITHOUT CROSSING TIMING MATS during the swim portion of the race. Relay teams can stage their bikes anywhere inside transition, just make sure your teammates know where you are. As soon as the Swimming Team Member makes a physical tag with the Biking Team Member they will exit transition to begin the Bike portion of the race. After completing the Bike Course they will enter the Bike-Run transition (T2) and find their Run Team Member and make a physical tag. When the Biking Team Member is finished, be sure NOT TO CROSS TIMING MATS while exiting transition or any time during the rest of the race.

Running Team Member will be inside Bike-Run Transition (WITHOUT CROSSING TIMING MATS) as the biker gets close to completing the Bike Course. As soon as the Biking Team Member makes a physical tag with the Running Team Member, the Runner will exit transition crossing the Run Out timing mat to start the Run time. After finishing the Run Course they will cross the Finish line timing mat to complete the race.  After the Running Team Member crosses the finish line, the Swimming and Biking Team Members should be at the finish line to turn in their chips together.

Relay teams – each member of the team must turn in your timing chips at the finish line!

Transition Areas

NO ONE is allowed in transition areas without body numbers and wrist band. No exceptions. (Friends or families cannot stage your equipment or access the transition area at any time).


A gentle and friendly reminder to register early and pick up your packet on Friday! Help us make everyone’s morning smoother and faster by being ready ahead of time!