We frequently get asked many questions regarding the Lakewood Summerfest Triathlon. Please see below before contacting us. We hope you find your answer below!

Packet Pickup

  1. When and where do I pick up my triathlon packet?
    Packet pick up time is Friday, July 7.
    You can pick up your packet at Lakewood City Hall, 6000 Main St SW, 98499. 1st floor from 8:30am-5:30pm.
  2. Do I need to pick up my packet or can my friend or family member pick it up for me?
    Friends and family can pick up another participants packet.
  3. What will I need in order to pick up my packet?
    You must provide your proper identification (picture ID) in order to receive your packet.
  4. Can I pick up my packet on the day of the event?
    Yes. Racers who do not pick up their packet on Friday should do so at Fort Steilacoom Park between 6:30-8:30am. Be aware, you will be extremely pressed for time to set up your transition areas if you wait until day of to pick up your packet.

Triathlon Intro Clinic NEW

We are excited to present a beginner triathlon clinic.  Clinic will occur during packet pick up on Friday July 7th from 12p-1p. Basics will include a race day checklist, race transition plan, general layout of equipment, nutrition tips and of course safety. More advanced elements will include ways to improve the speed of your transition and techniques used to mount and dismount from your bike.  We are thrilled to offer this to our participants.  Cost is free.  Please join us for this first time clinic!

If you have any questions please contact Emily Tollefson at emilyt@tacomasports.org.


Parking/Shuttle Bus

  1. Can I park at American Lake Park?
    There is very limited parking at American Lake. We prefer you didn’t.
  2. Is there a shuttle bus between the two sites?
    Yes! We encourage everyone to park at Fort Steilacoom Park on Saturday and take the shuttle to American Lake.
  3. Can I take my bike on the shuttle bus?
    No. There will be no bikes allowed on the shuttle buses.
  4. Can my friends and family ride the shuttle bus?
    Yes! The shuttle bus is for all athletes who have checked in and their friends and family to use.
  5. Will the shuttle run during the race so spectators can see both the swim and the bike/run portion of the event?
    Yes, sort of! There will be one final bus run from American Lake to Ft. Steilacoom Park for spectators once the swim portion has started. Keep in mind, the shuttle does not stay until the swim is finished, but returns after the swim portion has begun.
  6. Does the shuttle have a schedule?
    Yes! Click here to view the complete schedule of the shuttle bus.

Transition Areas

  1. Where do I set up my bike and gear in the transition 1 (T1) area?
    Assuming you have already checked in for the race, you should drive to the American Lake Park start point. The T1 area will be roped off so no vehicles (except emergency ones) can enter.
  2. Is the T1 area secured?
    Yes! There will be plenty of volunteers on hand to watch out for your equipment.
  3. Who is allowed in this area?
    Only athletes and race staff/volunteers are allowed to enter the T1 area. There are no exceptions to this rule!!
  4. What happens to my stuff at T1?
    T1 race bags will be transported to the finish line by race officials for pick up after the race.
  5. Do I have to use the white bags?
    Yes! All athletes are required to bag their gear in the provided white bags before leaving the T1 area for the bike portion of the event.
  6. So all my gear is set up at T1. What do I do now?
    After setting up your bike and gear you should drive to Fort Steilacoom Park to set up for Transition 2 (T2). Stage your running shoes and be ready for the transition off of your bike.
  7. Both of my transition areas are now set up. What now?
    Once you have staged your gear at T2, leave your car at Fort Steilacoom Park and ride the shuttle bus back to the American Lake Park starting line. Remember: Bikes are NOT allowed on the shuttle buses.
  8. Whats the drive route between the T1 and T2? americanlakeparkdirections


  1. Do you mark numbers on athletes?
    Yes! You can have your number marked on you either at Fort Steilacoom Park or at American Lake Park.
  2. What happens after I finish?
    Athletes must turn in their timing chip at the finish. We will be providing athletes with refreshments in the “after race tent.” Then stay and enjoy all of the festivities at the SummerFEST community festival!

For Relay Teams

  1. Can one team member pick up all team member race packets?
    No. All race team members must pick up their own packet individually. You must show your USAT membership card and photo ID at time of pick up.
  2. Do we have to pick up our race packets together as a team?
    No. Team members can pick up their packets individually at their most convenient time.
  3. Do all team members get a timing chip?
    Yes! Each relay team member will have their own individual timing chip and must be worn around their ankle. Each of these chips will have the same relay team race number attached to them.
  4. When do team members cross the timing mat?
    Relay team members do not cross the timing mat until its time for their part of the race.
  5. When do we turn in our timing chips?
    Each member of the relay team must turn in your timing chips at the finish line.

Swimming Team Member

The swimming relay team member will cross the timing mat before the race starts to activate their teams timing chips, then they will proceed to complete the swim portion of the race and cross the timing mat when exiting the water to get an official swim time, then proceed to the Swim-Bike transition (T1) to make a physical tag “High Five” with the Biking Team Member. When the Swimming Team Member is finished, be sure NOT TO CROSS TIMING MATS for the rest of the race.

Biking Team Member

Biking Team Member will be inside Swim-Bike Transition (T1) WITHOUT CROSSING TIMING MATS during the swim portion of the race. Relay teams can stage their bikes anywhere inside transition, just make sure your teammates know where you are. As soon as the Swimming Team Member makes a physical tag with the Biking Team Member they will exit transition to begin the Bike portion of the race. After completing the Bike Course they will enter the Bike-Run transition (T2) and find their Run Team Member and make a physical tag. When the Biking Team Member is finished, be sure NOT TO CROSS TIMING MATS while exiting transition or any time during the rest of the race.

Running Team Member

Running Team Member will be inside Bike-Run Transition (WITHOUT CROSSING TIMING MATS) as the biker gets close to completing the Bike Course. As soon as the Biking Team Member makes a physical tag with the Running Team Member, the Runner will exit transition crossing the Run Out timing mat to start the Run time. After finishing the Run Course they will cross the Finish line timing mat to complete the race.  After the Running Team Member crosses the finish line, the Swimming and Biking Team Members should be at the finish line to turn in their chips together.